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New Representatives

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Roles & Responsibilities

As a GSO representative for your department, you will be responsible for:

  • Representing the general will/opinion of   department graduate students when voting.

  • Relaying general assembly decisions to department graduate students.

  • Acting as a resource within your department with respect to system decisions affecting graduate students.

  • Acting as a knowledgable source within your department for G & A applications.

  • Acting as a liaison for bringing department concerns before the general assembly.

  • Fostering interdepartmental relations between graduate students.


General Assembly Meetings

General Assembly meetings are held monthly at a predetermined location on campus. See the Events calendar for the next GA meeting. At your first meeting, please:

  • Sign the attendance sheet (for both GA meetings and GA evaluations).

  • Remember that there is 1 (one) vote and 1 (one) G & A reviewer per Degree Program.

  • Look over Meeting Minutes and presentations.

  • Double-check if you are receiving emails from the GSO listserv.

  • Before speaking, state your name and Department for the Meeting Minutes.

  • Check out GSO’s Living in Hawaii guide if you’re new to the island.

G & A Program Policies

The GSO Grants & Awards Program operates by a few basic policies, good to know in case a department graduate student has questions about funding.

  • Applications are reviewed every month during the Fall & Spring semesters. All deadlines can be found on the G & A page.

  • Students CAN request funding  for professional development, conference travel & fees. They CANNOT ask for per diem, food, ground transportation, and/or personal expenditures.

  • Applicants may ask for funding up to six (6) months prior and/or six (6) months post dates of travel.

  • For an application to be reviewed, the representative of the program to which the applicant belongs must be present.

  • Each graduate student may only apply for and receive no more than one (1) grant per academic semester.

  • Applicants that are tabled three (3) times for any reason will be automatically rejected.

  • Only correct and complete applicants will be reviewed.

  • Incomplete applicants will be automatically declined if they remain incomplete until the end of the semester.

In addition to these policies and tips, please look over the Grants & Awards page, the FAQ page, and the Resources page. If you have a question not covered here, or anywhere on the website, please feel free to contact us below or at

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