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GSO Elections 2015


The GSO Assembly is a representative body, with each graduate program receiving a vote.

The Assembly meets monthly.

Agenda are made available one week before the meeting.

Assembly meetings are open to the public.

GSO Assembly graduate program representatives or representative alternates are to participate in the GSO Assembly monthly meetings and keep their constituents informed of GSO activities.

GSO Assembly graduate program representatives must review all and every grant proposals before graduate students applications can be approved.

Failure for a graduate program representative (or representative alternate) to participate in the monthly Assembly meeting will result in all grants proposals originating from graduate students in her or his program to be set aside for review at a later date; specifically, until the representative or the representative alternate is available to participate in the review process at a subsequent GSO Assembly meeting.

The list below is not complete. If your department representative is not there, try to contact your department Graduate Chair, who is a faculty member, and let us know! Mahalo.

Here is a list of programs which should have GSO representation

Current Assembly Members:

unfilled Accounting
Billie Lee American studies
unfilled Animal Sciences
Deirdre Clyde Anthropology
Lin Whipkey Architecture
Kamram Moen-Samimi Art
unfilled Art History
Genevieve Greer Asian Studies
Kelley Blumenthal Astronomy
unfilled Athletic Training
unfilled Biological Engineering
Amy Hruska Botany
George Tracy Business Administration
Malina Ivey Cellular and Molecular Biology
Stephen Parrish Chemistry
Liang Shi Civil and Environmental Engineering
Felix Ikuomola Clinical Research
Misty Leilani Cordeiro Communication
unfilled Communication Sciences and Disorders
Weranuj Ariyasriwatana Communication and Information Sciences
Megan Wharton Communicology
Lisa Miller Computer Science
Kahea Faria Curriculum Studies
Breanna Harvey Dance
Egle Ortego Developmental and Reproductive Biology
Reed Riggs East Asian Languages and Literature - Chinese
Sean Forte East Asian Languages and Literature - Japanese
Hye Yong Smith East Asian Languages and Literature - Korean
unfilled Early Childhood Education
Syed Khan Economics
Mary Vorsino Education
Eve Millett Educational Administration
Cody Rodriguez Educational Foundations
Tingting Reid Educational Psychology
Jon Pennington Educational Technology
Ehsan Yavari Electrical Engineering
Eric San George English
unfilled Entomology
unfilled Epidemiology
Jireh Cebricos Food Science
Kyle Kaijihiro Geography
Kendra Lynn Geology & Geophysics
unfilled Hawaiian
Makanani Sala Hawaiian Studies
Ed Hoogland History
unfilled Human Resource Management
Reggie Cruz Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Science
unfilled Languages and Literature of Europe and the Americas
Pablo Wegesen Library and Information Science
unfilled Linguistics
Jon Pennington Learning Design and Technology
Angela Richards-Dona Marine Biology
Don Krasky Mathematics
Sam Van Wesenbeeck Mechanical Engineering
Annette Foerster Meteorology
Amanda Shore-Maggio Microbiology
Roberto Rodriguez Molecular Biosciences and Bioengineering
John Paul Brabant Music
Stephanie Natural Resources and Environmental Management
Yee Wing Wong Nursing
Monica Nutrition
unfilled Nutritional Sciences
Florian Hillenhagen Ocean and Resources Engineering
Seth Travis Oceanography
Joseph Halaufia Pacific Island Studies
Matthew Fujimoto Philosophy
Brianne Hackett Physics
Sophie Kim Political Science
Kristen Gleason Psychology
Mudassar Iqbal Public Administration
Kristyn Schuller Public Health
Kelsey Nakashige Religion
Jessie Fast Second Language studies
unfilled Social Welfare
Brandon Tomlin Social Work
Hannah Leibreich Sociology
Michael Sheehey Special Education
Chris Polster Teaching
Teryl Garcia Theater
Wenyi Cao Travel Industry Management
Eleanore Chuang Tropical Medicine
unfilled Tropical Plant Pathology
Kim Falinsxi Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences
Mina Viritua Urban and Regional Planning
Jessica Maxfield Zoology

Executive Council Officers:

Jonathan Dial
Ph.D. student, Sociology


Penn Pantumsinchai
Ph.D. student, Sociology

Richard Mizusawa
M.Ed. student, Educational Administration
(Higher Education)

Executive Council Committee Chairs:

Amy McKee
M.Ed. student, Educational Administration
(Higher Education)

BJ Avery
M.S. student, Mechanical Engineering

Duyen Bui
Ph.D. student, Political Science

Bret Polopolus-Meredith
Ph.D. student, Physics & Astronomy

Molly Green
M.S. student, Molecular Biosciences
& Bioengineering

Rachael Wade
Ph.D. student, Botany

Amber Camp
M.A. student, Linguistics

Camila Ortega
Ph.D. student, Molecular Biosciences
& Bioengineering

Adrienne Copeland
Ph.D. student, Biology


At-Large Representatives shall be from different departments; and shall not hold committee chair positions. At least one and up to three At-Large Representatives shall be unclassified graduate students. At-Large members are expected to attend the monthly Assembly, EC, and Chancellors meetings.

Nick Chagnon
Ph.D. student, Sociology

Leilei Shih
Ph.D. student, Oceanography

GSO Support Staff:

Kazufumi Taira
Ph.D. student, Educational Psychology

Seth Travis
Ph.D. student, Oceanography