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Online Application is now live. First read the instructions!

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Hints for a successful application:

  • After filling out online copy of grant application print two extra copies, this will help out if you are denied and want to reapply.
  • Have one expert in your field and one non-expert to review your application before submission.
  • Tell your department representative you are submitting an application well before the G&A Committee review date. Provide them with a copy of your application before the meeting.
  • Spring 2015 submission deadlines: 1/08/15 (Letters of recommendation and missing documents due 1/15), 2/12/15 (Letters of recommendation and missing documents due 2/19), 3/05/15 (Letters of recommendation and missing documents due 3/12), 4/23/15 (Letters of recommendation and missing documents due 4/30)
  • If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Grants & Awards Committee Chair.

Step 1, Application preparation:

Grants & Awards Application Policies and Instructions
Budget Form
Procedures Flow Chart
See which research field your department is in (Color Groups)

Step 2, Application:

Online Award Application (via STAR).
(Online Application Instructions)

Step 3, Grant Awarded:

Re-allocation of Funds Proposal

Step 4, Reimbursement

Reimbursement Page