What does the GSO do?

According to GSO Constitution, Article III, the GSO’s four primary functions are:

i. To provide representative input on policies and decisions affecting UHM graduate students in general or a subgroup thereof;

ii. To provide an advisory body to the administration and faculty of UHM;

iii. To provide an organization from which graduate student representatives shall be selected for recommendation to serve upon campus-wide committees; and

iv. To initiate and maintain co-curricular programs that are relevant to UHM graduate students.

How can I get involved in GSO activities?

There are a number of ways you can get involved with the GSO. Our monthly General Assembly meetings are a good place to start, as well as getting in touch with your department’s representative.

What is mentoring, and how can I find a mentor for my graduate degree?

Please refer to our quick guide on mentoring for a brief intro on how to approach the mentorship process at UH Manoa.


Who can apply for funding?

Any student enrolled in a graduate degree program that pays the Graduate Student Organization fee each semester is eligible to apply.

How do I apply for funding?

Visit the JotForm application here. Please be sure to check out the Grants & Awards page for further information.

How many times can I apply for a GSO grant?

You can apply for and be awarded one grant per semester.

When can I apply for funding?

Applications are reviewed each month of the regular academic year for a total of 10 review sessions. Please visit the G & A funding page for deadline information. Applications can be submitted up to 6 months before or after an activity takes place.

What types of things can a GSO grants help pay for?

Grants are typically awarded to cover travel for a conference, special training courses, or research. Grants are also often applied to research materials and supplies.

What types of things can a GSO grant NOT pay for?

Grants cannot be applied to ground transportation (i.e. trains, buses, taxis, etc.), per diem, food, or any other living expenses.

How much funding can I apply for?

You can apply for up to $1000 for any activity taking place in the United States, including territories (i.e. Puerto Rico and Guam). For international activities, you can apply for up to $2000. A minimum of $250 will be awarded to approved domestic applications, and a minimum of $500 to international applications.

What information and/or materials do I need to apply?

The application is composed of 4 parts: the actual application with general information and project abstracts, a cover letter, a budget with justification, and 2 letters of recommendation. If attending a conference, an acceptance letter is also required. Some color groups may require additional information as supplemental materials, which may include cost verification, proof of conference registration, flight comparisons, etc. Please contact your department representative for further information.

Who is my GSO department representative?

A current list of all department representatives can be found on the About page.

What color group am I in?

A list of color groups and their departments can be found on the G & A Applicant page. 


When/Where are General Assembly meetings held?

General Assembly meetings are held monthly, usually in the evening to accommodate working schedules. Please see the Events page for the next GA meeting date, time, and venue.

When/Where are Executive Council meetings held?

General Assembly meetings are held monthly in the GSO office, Hemenway 212. Please see the Events page for the next GA meeting date and time.